11.11 – What’s Singles Day and How You Can Celebrate It

Just in case you don’t partake or find small joys in sales and days of man-made significance, let us break down why 11.11 holds so much meaning for so many people, and why it is known as Singles Day. When we’re talking capitalism and retail, it is basically an extra day and reason for brands and stores to have a promotion to drive sales. It was, after all, remodelled into a day of retail indulgence by the daddy of e-commerce, Alibaba. For the individual, it holds significance about embracing singledom. As the name suggests, Singles Day was started as an unofficial celebration of a person’s singledom, founded in the 1990s by Chinese university students. 11/11 was picked with the reasoning that it is full of 1’s to symbolise solo living. While the US does not anticipate Singles Day Sales like they do Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everywhere else (even the UK and Australia) partake in it and it has basically been rebranded as the biggest shopping day of the year. To help you secure the best deals AND still appreciate the significance of 11/11, the hoolah team has put together a list of our favourite stores to shop from to create the perfect self-care routine for you this Singles Day.

Look Good, Feel Good

Ah, the age old saying. It is widely known that when you put in effort to make yourself look better (by your own terms and standards, of course), you will feel more confident and feel good about yourself. Here are some stores with insane sales this Singles Day that you can peruse to really nail that #OOTD or make-up look!

Photo Credits: Sift and Pick

Sift and Pick has truly become our go-to for trendy accessories, nifty home goods and make-up. This 11/11, you can expect a sale of up to 70% and when you shop with hoolah, you can get 11% cashback. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

Photo Credits: 6ixty8ight

Nothing screams self-care core more than comfy lounge clothing and we’ve got just the right brand and deal for that! 6ixty8ight has become the nation’s go-to for comfortable and chic clothing that can be worn at home or out. This 11/11, they’re working with us to give you a 11% cashback when shop online or in-store. Getting cute clothes AND saving money? Yes, please!

Indulge in the Act of Cooking a Meal for Yourself

Nothing beats planning, prepping and cooking a meal you cooked for yourself. The act of cooking is already so therapeutic (it’s the repeated acts of cutting, chopping and stirring for us!) and the end result is so rewarding. Here are some kitchen appliances on sale this Singles Day to ignite that Masterchef in you.

Check out our article on some easy no-bake desserts you can make yourself.

Egg Frying Pan Non-Stick 13cm (Assorted Colour)
Photo Credit: BHG

This solo egg frying pan is PERFECT for Singles Day! Cook in smaller portions and forget about all those big, heavy pans meant for cooking huge quantities of food. We’re talking less food waste and less washing up to do – what’s not to love? And once you’re done cooking for yourself and you have leftovers that you don’t want to go to waste, store them in this chic stainless steel food jar for a late breakfast the next day.

If you’re more of a light grazer than a meal prep person, the ultimate dish of indulgence is the cheeseboard. Get a wooden board like this. one from BHG and pile on your favourite cheeses and jams for your special night in!

Connect with Loved Ones

Hey look, you’re most definitely not the only single one in your friend group. Even if you aren’t, a really good way to practise self care is to reach out and connect with your circle at a deeper level. While it isn’t the safest to go out and drink at bars, and it isn’t possible for us to connect over huge parties just yet, fret not. Call and invite a few friends over to have some intimate, wholesome fun. You could do hotpot night, a horror movie marathon or my personal favourite – game night! We love this card game Icebreaker Deck from Best Self that helps promote and encourage deeper connections between people. For a night, put your phones aside, break out the snacks and just get to know each other better. The Icebreaker Deck is packed with thought-provoking conversation starters and will make boring, surface-level chatter a thing of the past while you deepen your relationships with deep-dive prompts, whether you’re talking to your partner, or simply catching up with friends.

Break down barriers and cultivate connections, openness and vulnerability this Single’s Day with the Icebreaker Deck, available at Interstellar Goods for 15% off!

Best Self Decks – Icebreaker Deck, Deeper Talk, Intimacy or WorstSelf
Photo Credit: Interstellar Goods

While Singles Day’s Sales are bound to be as plentiful and ubiquitous this year as it has the preceding years, be sure to spend responsibly! Hoolah is here to ensure that your spending habits stay sustainable with out buy now pay later scheme. With zero interest fees, you can put money down for things you really need instead of buying cheap and badly made alternatives. Shop away!

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