5 Best Personal Finance Podcasts for the Financially Illiterate

This one’s for the one who have always wanted to find out more about how to manage their money but have no idea where to begin and/or hate jargon. I’m that girl whose mind glazes over when someone says something like compound interest but am still keen on knowing what steps I should take to be financially independent. One could and should seek out a financial advisor but I prefer brushing up on a bit of knowledge before doing so so that I a bit more prepared and have a clearer idea of what to expect. After all, managing your personal finances can be quite a difficult task when you are not equipped with the basic knowledge you need to make smart decisions. Here are some of my favourite personal finance podcasts that will help give you some basic knowledge and advice that you need to map out your personal financial journey. The best thing about these personal finance podcasts is that unlike books or videos, you can play them while you are doing everyday tasks – you can learn without hitting pause on life.

The Clever Girls Know Podcast

The Clever Girls Know podcast has over 150 episodes and they do not just touch on the nitty gritty financial terms but also the social implications that come with money. Some of these topics include those that need to be talked about more, like that pesky gender wage gap. They also talk about the less-discussed issues such as financial anxiety, racial injustice, mental health, your circle of influence, and more.

Planet Money Podcast — National Public Radio (NPR)

We love NPR for their bevy of informational and entertaining content and their personal finance podcast is no exception. Planet Money explains the difficult and hard-to-comprehend topics to their listeners in a really conversational way, making it really easy for us to understand and break down the information. While a lot of their content is focused on the American economy, being able to understand and keep up with the world’s economy helps your understanding of your own finances too!

Planet Money Podcast NPR
Photo Credits: NPR

Let’s Talk CPF

Let's Talk CPF logo

The title speaks for itself and this is an important podcasts for all you newly working adults! Let’s Talk CPF is a podcast that brings conversations on CPF to your ears. Tune in to get answers to common CPF questions, CPF hacks and interviews with industry experts on CPF and financial planning to help you prepare for your future. The podcast may be relatively new with not that many episodes but each newly released one is jam-packed with information that you will need when navigating your new jobs and CPF contributions. Not just that, Let’s Talk CPF also touches on super relevant topics like some top tips on buying your new home, or how to make your money work for you as you work from home.

Money 89.3Fm

Singapore’s radio stations offer more than just radio foder (ha) and traffic updates! Money 89.3 Fm is the nation’s only station that is centred on personal finance, stocks and current affairs. If you are into financial planning and have no intention to sit down with a financial advisor yet, you can tune in to Michelle Martin’s “Your Money” segment in the mornings and get updated on the latest market sentiment in “Market View” segment. She also includes second opinions during her interviews with experts in the financial industry on the “Money and Me” segment.

If you are more of a sift and pick kinda person and wanna be updated on personal finance tips without listening to the world’s economy, you can check out their station’s website. The station uploads past series of some of the segments in the show that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Mo’ Money

Mo’ Money is a podcast created for the millennial women who recognise that they are living in a whole new age of opportunity for wealth. They’ll have to deal with unique challenges not covered before. In the “Mo’ Money” podcast, host and accredited Canadian financial adviser Jessica Moorhouse navigates general financial topics, making her super relatable to the female She-E-Os like her. Listen for tips about making bank, saving bank and also breaking the glass ceiling.

So there you have it! Finance can be a tricky topic and even be super touchy with some people so it is best to be as educated about your personal situation as possible. Whether you’re a recent graduate who knows little about personal finance or are trying to grow your savings for future goals and plans, these podcasts are best for those looking to learn personal finance basics and find motivation for getting their money management on track. If you are looking to spend your money in a wiser and more sustainable way, be sure to lookout for hoolah’s buy now and pay later plan at your favourite stores! Our interest free instalment plans allow for you to get the big items you need in your life (new bed for BTO? new coffee machine for WFH?) without having to take a huge chunk of your savings out all at once.

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