A Gaming Room For The 21st Century

In the past couple of months, I have spent a huge bulk of my time doing what most teenagers would do during quarantine: gaming. Sometimes, I slay monsters as Geralt of Rivia on the PC. Other times, I transform myself into an annoying yordle who puts toxic mushrooms everywhere on Wild Rift. And occasionally, I ride rainbow roads on Mario Kart on my Switch. If there’s one thing I’ve gleaned from my time gaming, it’s that video games have furnished a sense of solace for myself — as with many others — during such trying times. 

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In land-scarce Singapore, not everyone’s household has the luxury of having a gaming room. Chances are, the “gaming room” is also your bedroom or your study room. So how do you create a gaming room for the 21st century, especially in land-scarce Singapore? Well, it makes sense to pick furniture that melds functionality and comfort. 

Read on to find out what we have curated to create the perfect gaming room for your flat! And yes, there will be plenty of local offerings so you can #supportlocal while you are shopping too!

The Gaming Chairs

APOL’s Kraken Chair

In the realm of ergonomic comfort, APOL (short for “A Piece of Lifestyle”) offers some of the best and value for money gaming chairs here. The Kraken series boasts huggable comfort while supporting the back and neck, the body parts that strain easily when you sit for a prolonged period. That said, it’s good to pay heed that the colour palette behind the APOL chairs is rather limited, so do check them out if their aesthetic fit your room’s.


Get SecretLab here.

To say Secretlab is famous here on the sunny island is an understatement. The Singaporean brand has commanded huge popularity from around the world. Widely lauded by game streamers and professional e-sports players alike, the occasional themed-releases (think League of Legend or Star Wars collaborations) are often a delight to see. 

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The Gaming Tables

Huxley Adjustable Study Desk

It functions primarily as a study desk but with decent cable and desk management, you can convert this adjustable desk into part of your gaming set-up! You can find even more of such offerings on Hipvan!

Omnidesk Pro

Omnidesk Pro is an electric standing chair by the Singaporean company of the same name. At a time when many of us are leading a sedentary lifestyle, standing desks seem to be a cure-all for health conditions associated with when one sits down excessively. That said, it is important to intersperse some physical activity (such as walking) in your life to ensure a healthier lifestyle. 

So when asked: are standing chairs overrated? We most certainly don’t think so. 

The Screens

PRISM+ X270 240Hz

Get PRISM+ X270 here.

Another homegrown brand, this PRISM+ monitor screen is the epitome of great gameplay. Besides having a 240-hertz refresh rate, it also has an ultra-quick response time (of 1ms) to boot too! The curvature on the monitor somehow also evokes a more immersive experience whilst playing video games. 

The Keyboards

Razer Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Get Razer Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard here.

I have always fancied the sound produced whenever I type on a mechanical keyboard — in my defence, it’s strangely soothing. This keyboard boasts an 80 million keystroke lifespan and has an instant trigger technology to boot! Razer’s repertoire of keyboard and other accessory offerings have earned the Singaporean label a reputation far and wide. In case this isn’t your cup of tea, Mecha offers a lot more mechanical keyboards!

Tecware Phantom RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard 

Check out Tecware Phantom mechanical keyboard here.

With dual-shot keycaps, this mechanical keyboard from Tecware Phantom is more durable and has higher resistance against surface wear. Furthermore, this keyboard also features the quintessential RGB colour highlights that every gamer ought to have!  

The Other Accessories

Razer Kraken X Mercury

Get Razer Kraken x Mercury here.

Audiophiles will love these. This headphone is both sleek and sensual, and they do complement an office or study set-up too. It boasts an immersive 7.1 surround sound system and, speaking of comfort, it is also equally lightweight (at just 250g) too! 

Bosign Hideaway Cable Organiser (Black)

For gamers, having good cable management is important. The Bosign Hideaway Cable Organiser is one of the many organising tools to have in your room or anywhere really. 

The Other Helpful Stuff To Have

Scent from Havana

Aromatherapy has always been a good way to recharge and destress. This eclectic candle scent from Nine Wicker Avenue puts a twist on the traditional Cuban highball, the Mojito. Boasting lime, mint and sugar notes, this candle is certain to set the mood to destress during a hectic gameplay or a working day.

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