Gnome & Bow: Jekyll’s Hyde Women’s Bag Collection Is Unlike Any Other

For their Spring/Summer’19 collection, Gnome & Bow continues to interweave stories in the form of statement carryalls for the modern women.

There is always something exciting whenever Gnome & Bow announces their collection of the season. Considering the brand’s knack of interweaving childhood tales into functional bags, this excitement and unerring curiosity on how exactly founder, Quanda Ong, curates and prepares his showcases seem almost preordained in retrospect.

4. Decision_Covent Handbag_Leather Nylon Canvas_CAM_Wine and Black

Following the iconic success of BOOK II: Jekyll’s Hyde Men’s collection, Gnome and Bow has recently launched a variation for the modern women for its Spring/Summer’19 collection. Reflecting the notions of duality, change and acceptance in a woman’s life, the collection features two equally functional, yet wholly different personalities in a single bag.

7. Embrace Duality_Milton Briefcase_Leather Nylon Canvas_CAM_Wine

Distinctive personas of the characters in “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” are evidently evoked in the reversible carryalls: classic and lustrous nylon calls to mind of Dr Jekyll, while a matte, custom printed cotton canvas reflects the iconic Mr. Hyde on the flip side. Nimbly imbued with a subtle sense of wittiness, bags in the collection also feature “hidden” quotes at their bases, which could only double as a hint at the fine line between our introverted and extroverted personalities.

Full-grain leather and water-resistant canvas interior are imbued into the collection, each a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating quality carryalls. The Jekyll’s Hyde Women’s Bag is available in four gorgeous colourways: Black/Olive, Blue/Olive, Blue/Khaki, and Wine/Olive.

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