How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Everyone starts the year with shiny new resolutions and most of them center around the idea of keeping fit. That entails working out and eating healthy and while we love the idea of reaping those rewards , it’s time we ruefully admit that sometimes the inertia gets the better of us and the oft thrown around “I’ll work out tomorrow” gets reused day after day after day! Us folks at hoolah understand the pains of getting out of bed to put our bodies through a thorough beating so we’re coming through with some ideas on how to motivate yourself to workout! Good news: it involves shopping!

Figure out your favourite type of exercise

Not every one’s body loves the idea of sprinting on a treadmill while some find that that is exactly what works best for them! Before you commit to buying a year long gym membership, sit for a moment and think about which exercise makes your body the most excited and which one invigorates you the most! You could love kickboxing or perhaps you’re more of a pilates fiend than HIIT lover. Find the exercise that motivates you to get out of bed and you will start to find yourself loving your workout days!

Commit time

Working out does your body as much good as any other scheduled appointment so it only makes sense that you put aside as much time for your work outs as you do a doctor’s or a dentist appointment. Every week, open up your calendar and set aside some time for a good workout. Once you have it down on paper (or screen), you will be less likely to flake on it and much more likely to have a good workout!

Work out with your gang

Working out with friends isn’t just an excuse to hangout and get awesome food after (it’s post workout fuel okay??), but also a great way to keep each other accountable. Find a group of friends that share similar fitness goals as you. That way, you will motivate each other and make plans to work towards those goals together. By making dates to get together and workout, you will be more motivated to get out of bed. After all, you wont just be flaking out on working out, but also bailing on your friends and no one likes that!

Put your workout clothes on

You know the adage – look good, feel good. This applies easily to working out as well! If you’re dressed for the occasion, you might be able to motivate yourself and easily trick your mind into thinking that yes, you are ready for the next gruelling hour or so. Some might even suggest sleeping in your workout gear so that the moment you wake up, you’re raring to go!

Reward yourself with new workout gear

Ahhh, our favourite form of therapy – retail! Everyone knows that it takes a while for you to see results when newly adopting the healthy lifestyle. It should take about a month before you can get any validation and therefore motivation to keep going but don’t forget that there is more than meets the eye! Your body is changing and reacting positively to all the good things that you are doing for it and getting discouraged and giving up will only derail all that hard work!

One way to motivate yourself to keep going is to replace your ratty old workout gear with some new pieces. You do not have to go crazy and buy out a whole new wardrobe, but rather, look at your current collection of pieces and figure out which one can be replaced to help you reach your maximum potential!

Check out some of our merchants for new clothing – we have a wide variety of workout gear for any type of workout, whether you’re picking up surfing or just stretching it out in yoga!

Airy Mesh Sculpt Capri by yumi ACTIVE

The start of a new year feels like a fresh slate with endless possibilities. It is likely that fitness with feature somewhere on your New Year’s Resolution.

Let us help you kickstart your 2020 workout regime by providing you with fashionable activewear so that you can keep fit now and pay later.

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