Messy Maximalism – Home Decor That Embraces Your Mess

With all the hype surrounding minimalist decorating, many people’s Pinterest boards have been covered with images and inspiration of clean, white and shiny houses. While Marie Kondo’s mentality towards having less stuff has been informative in decluttering your mind, we figured it was time to be realistic – we love all our stuff! We’ve collected and amassed so many items of clothing, meaning and even paraphernalia and almost every piece holds a significance in our life so why should we have to discard them? If you’re still interested in an impressive interior design but are not willing to throw your pieces away just yet, here are some ways to approach the maximalism way of life. Maximalism is a response to the minimalistic way of life and it disregards the general rules of the latter. Bid adieu to your clean white walls, empty surfaces and minimal décor – maximalism is insisting you embrace all your clutter in the best way possible!

Embrace Prints

Contrary to popular belief, deliberately loud prints might actually be a good way to incorporate that cosy and purposeful look. Prints offer a touch of personality and it is a great way to really make a space a reflection of you. Try to overlay some tasteful pieces! For instance, layer a marble print with a gold mirror.

Geometric prints are also a simple but classic way of incorporating some visual texture in your room! This bench from Nestify not only has a pop of print, it is also sustainably made.

Mixing Styles

Gone are the days when you had to stick to a specific era of decor! Want the clean look of Scandinavian interior design but crave the Oriental touch of traditional Japanese furniture? We say to heck with it- embrace layering of different styles. This way, you get to pick the best of each style and really make it your own. We especially love how this coffee table brings the essence of Morocco to the room and how it pops against this simple modern looking linen sofa.

Add Multiple Lounging Spots

A huge reason for adopting the maximalism lifestyle is because it promotes a more cozy and comfortable way of living. We would be remiss to leave out focus on lounging spots! These beanbags are great add-ons to your room for a plethora of reasons. They not only offer a space for you to snuggle up in (or dump your bags and clothes…hey, no judgement here), they also add a softer visual aspect to your room, making it a sight for tired eyes!

Lighting with Lamps

It is crucial to include great lighting whenever you are decorating a room! Instead of a typical ceiling light, why not pepper your space with a few different looking lamps? Having a lamp in different areas of the room helps you to illuminate select areas, therefore providing the space with more visual dimensions, and perhaps even making it look larger! When choosing a lamp, opt for something that has patterns and character to it, instead of anything monochrome or minimalist.

This gold lantern from Maghrebi is really something else. Not only does it offer a lot of personality from its exterior alone, it also lights up your space with different shadows and shapes.

Personalised Touches

Finally, do not forget the small things! Make this space truly yours by displaying all the aforementioned stuff that minimalist purists will try have you hide. Invest in display cabinets or even overhead hangings to show off these bits and pieces of you personality.

If, by the off chance, you find that you do not have any items you would want to showcase, why not settle for a framed print? This is still a cute way to show off your personality.

And there you have it! It is completely possible to keep all your trinkets and still have a nice home interior – just don’t run it through any hardcore Kondo fans!

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