Small Businesses to Shop from This Holiday Season

Whenever the holidays are around the corner, you can bet people will be out in a frantic, trying to get everything on their list. This is also the season to shop small! Instead of purchasing from big cooperations, perhaps consider making your gift purchases from small and local businesses this year. You can get local, thoughtful handmade or hand sourced gifts for a reasonable price and we can bet it will be more fun to unbox those than a Starbucks gift card. Whether you’re buying for a loved one or someone from the obligatory office Secret Santa, here are some of our favourite small businesses to shop from.

For Jewellery: 3125

Photo Credits: 3125

3125 sells really cute and bespoke fine jewellery. Founded in April 2014, what started out as a school project became a full-time business that is dedicated towards empowering women with confidence through jewellery. This Smiley Signet ring is super trendy and plated with 18k gold and adorned with mini gemstones, making for the perfect gift for the person who loves a little frosting on their rings.

For Unique Candles: Jaded Chains

Photo Credits: Jaded Chains

If you’re bored of candles in jars and are in need of cute, novelty candles, Jaded Chains is the place to shop! They are a local brand selling handmade soy and beeswax candles which are all toxin-free and lightly scented. We especially love their female body candles- they have plus sized ones too in different skin colours! Inclusitivity and body positivity? We have no choice but to stan.

For Bikinis: haikini

Photo Credits: Haikini

With Haikini’s swimwear, there are no unnecessary straps, no lace trimmings or excessive cutouts- their pieces are made for the ladies who appreciate functional bikinis! When you’re buying from Haikini, not only are you getting a locally designed piece, your purchase goes towards to fair wages of the people living in Bali who are making them, enabling them to send their children to school, feed their families, and live happily.

For Healthy Eats: Ohai Acai

Photo Credits: Ohai

If you’re looking for a gift idea for the friend who loves healthy and good eats, look no further! Ohai Acai is a local brand that sells homemade nut butters, granola and fresh acai from the Amazon with none of the preservatives you may find in the versions in the grocery store. They’ve also worked with The Sustainability Project to bring their customers super cute coconut bowls so not only are they healthy, they are environmentally friendly and yummy!

For Crystals: Stone to Home

Photo Credits: Stone to Home

If you’re looking to gift someone some crystals or minerals, Stone to Home is your go-to. Whilst working with natural minerals whilst living in Australia, the founder of Stone to Home was fascinated by how each mineral had a different pattern, texture and colour. As such, Stone to home was created to meet the needs of discerning customers who wish to blend natural minerals into their home in a unique way that is both practical and beautiful. We love their mineral towers, especially this beautiful amethyst one!

For Baking Kits: Wild Olive Branch

Phoro Credits: Wild Olive Branch

This one’s for all the friends who love eating tasty baked goods but haven’t the slightest clue as to how to operate the oven or even bake. Wild Olive Branch sells DIY Kits with yummy baked goods so you and your loved ones can bond over making the desserts yourself and then savouring them! Their Dark Chocolate Cracks look especially good to us, plus, you can’t go wrong with chocolate!

And there you go! We believe that small and local businesses make up such an important part of our community and whenever possible, we should always do what we can to support them. Hoolah offers a buy now pay later solution that allows for you to support these businesses, while not shelling out too much of a buck at once. Get your Christmas shopping done here!

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