How Sonno Doubled Their Conversion Rate By Tackling The Affordability Issue

Redefining the experience of purchasing a mattress

Sonno is Southeast Asia’s leading provider of high-quality, high-performance mattresses and devoted to helping people sleep well and live better.

The idea for Sonno came to Fabio Miceli, Sonno’s founder and CEO, when shopping for a mattress for his home. Frustrated by the high cost of mattresses, pushy salespersons, and the pressure to make a decision after just a short period of testing, Fabio thought that there must be a better way. Voila! Sonno came to be.

Photo: Fabio Miceli, Sonno

Fabio wanted Sonno to redefine the experience of purchasing a mattress by offering a great mattress at an affordable price, that is easy to buy, and easy to try. Sonno cuts out the middle-man to provide mattresses that are a fraction of the price of a high-end mattress and just as good. Combining comfort, durability and flexibility into one, the Italy-designed mattresses comprises of an open-cell hypoallergenic latex, a layer of high-density, cooling memory foam, and a final layer of supportive foam to provide universal support and pressure relief.

Sonno’s mattresses are shipped to your home in a box, making delivery a breeze. Once unboxed, the mattress magically expands and can be used almost immediately – you have to see it to believe it! Furthermore, Sonno’s ingenious “100 Nights Trial” improves the buying experience even further by allowing customers to buy and test the mattress risk free.

Initial growth and discovering the affordability issue

Sonno was launched in 2017 and employed a very start-up approach to get initial traction for their mattresses. After this, they began ramping up their marketing efforts to fuel their growth. While ramping up their marketing efforts did bring more visitors to the website, resulting in more sales, they discovered that there was a segment of consumers that struggled to afford their mattresses. Fabio and his team reached out to a number of these visitors and realised that this was a big issue and it was impacting their conversion rate.

They acted quickly and sought to find a solution which would help make their mattresses even more affordable to consumers, and thereby grow their sales.

Doubling conversion rate by improving affordability with hoolah

In the spectrum of premium mattresses, Sonno’s price points, which range between S$700 to $1,300, are already affordable by industry standards. However, Fabio and his team still wanted to ensure that their mattresses were affordable for everyone.

To do this, Sonno did some research and found hoolah which they immediately employed in a bid to drive conversion rate and discourage would-be-customers from abandoning their shopping carts. With hoolah, Sonno’s customers could buy a mattress from the website today and pay later over 4 equal installments. hoolah provided an easy sign-up process with no lengthy forms, no processing fees, and 0% interest.

The result? One huge improvement.

By doubling their conversion rate Sonno managed to grow their overall sales. What this means is that consumers visiting Sonno’s retail webpage are now twice as likely to make a purchase after they implemented hoolah. Today, 40% of Sonno’s transactions are processed via hoolah.

Photo: Sonno

“Successful businesses do not happen overnight. I believe in trying, testing, learning, and improving to provide better consumer experience. hoolah helps us build trust with consumers, while enabling them flexibility to afford products at lower costs.” – Fabio Miceli, CEO of Sonno.

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