When First Impressions Count, Fashion Matters

It pays to get noticed. And in today’s context, we do so with tact and fashion.

There are times when we know full well that we aren’t exactly great at the things we are doing even though we are neither competent nor incompetent. To be discounted of our abilities is not a good feeling, and we all know that the more we mull and question ourselves, the more we will miss the mark.

Confidence, it seems is a tiresome game. Yet, when it is played well, the rewards are most definitely worthwhile.

Appearance Matters 🧔👱‍♀️

Despite the common narrative against judging a book by its cover, appearance still matters today. It is in our DNA to make snap judgements, or as the colloquial euphemism goes, ‘to size someone up’. While research findings have yet singled out a number, many have agreed that we have less than a minute to make a lasting impression.

In fact, some have argued that the first seven seconds when two or more strangers meet are key to making the impact statement.

Given the context of today’s exceedingly interactional world — think job interviews, client pitches and yes, Tinder dates —, how else can we groom ourselves to exude an air of confidence and be a cut above the rest?

As it turns out, the answer is a pretty straightforward one. As simple as developing a pair of discerning eyes to help you pick your wardrobe staples.

Looking the Look 😎

‘Clothes make the man.’ The maxim of acclaimed novelist, Mark Twain, still rings true in the 21st century.

Tailoring by Seamless Bespoke

The way we dress is a reflection of our very personality. At its core, the garment we put on communicates our confidence and creativity on the most superficial level. Both of which are cruxes to making a good impression. Chances are, you wouldn’t wear your pyjamas to a job interview, would you?

To carry yourself with an air of confidence (and nailing the first impression while you are at it) is to know how to dress appropriately for the occasion. When you wear the right clothes and put on the right accessories, you can be sure to see your perceived value increasing.

In Your Own Skin

As you attempt to look the look and conjure up the right image, being comfortable in your own skin comes first.

In other words, you should never let the brands you wear distinguish who you are, nor should you follow the fashion trends blindly.

Faith Ruffles Top by The Allegro Movement

Sure enough, luxury brands, more often than not, can add a touch of sophistication to the entire look, but one should keep in mind of the ethos of spending within yourmeans too. Fast-fashion outlets, which proffer a cheaper selection, can be equally eclectic as well. You can still feel comfortable and confident from wearing affordable alternatives.

Of course, we are not underlining a concrete rulebook to follow.

Photo by mentatdgt

The pieces you wear should empower you as an individual, to give you the courage to ace the interview, go on a first date and more. If wearing branded products help you achieve that extra glow or that extra sense of confidence, why not?

You wear what you want, and you should always remember to let your personality shine. 🌟👨👩🌟

Affording Responsibly

Running the gamut from dainty dresses to elegant shift dresses, from tailored-made Oxfords to classic Loafers, the selection of fashion pieces can be all too much to take in. Grooming a discerning eye is not a feat that can be achieved over a single day. It requires time, effort, and sometimes money too.

After all, for all that you don’t know, you might find yourself falling in love with a coveted classic from a certain luxury brand. And the next thing you find yourself worrying about is how you could afford to maintain your new lifestyle (or occasional impulse purchases).

But that shouldn’t be too much of a worry, should it?

After all, there is a holy grail — one that helps you afford the things you need and want over 4 interest-free instalments — in the market today.

So, I guess you could impress now, and pay later. 😉


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