Our Story

Learn more about hoolah and the people behind the scenes.

Every city pulsates with its own unique rhythm

It is a rhythm fuelled by the motion of its people, one that reflects much of the city’s vitality. For more than half a decade, Singapore has evolved to tell the glorious tales of her citizens’ grit.

This grit forms much of the foundation of hoolah.

At hoolah, we admire the hustlers of the 21st century

We strive to lend a helping hand to those who struggle to procure life’s simple pleasure.

For all we know, you could be scrimping up to get a gift for your loved one, or a study desk for your child, or even an equipment to pursue your dreams.

The possibilities are endless.

By virtue of sheer motivation, we cope by working to earn, afford, and make ends meet

Instead of making life difficult with a vicious cycle of scrimping and spending? Why not practice responsible affordability instead?

We remind you to discern your needs and wants while offering you a solution to afford them – via 3 monthly installments at 0% interest. In other words, you buy now and pay later.

This is not just for those who struggle to procure life’s simplest pleasure, this is for everyone

After all, the more we collectively know about the philosophy of responsible affordability, the more we can scrutinise the things that really matter and work together for a sustainable lifestyle.

Behind the scenes

Here are some of the people behind hoolah.
We call them – hoolahgans.

Stuart Thornton

Chief Executive Officer

Arvin Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Pieper

Chief Information Officer

Jason Van

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Broad

Chief Financial Officer

Joel Seetoh


Jolyn Tay

Business Growth

Steven Lu

DevOps Engineer

Teena George

Lead Engineer

Akul Dewan

Relationship Success

Michelle Tan

Customer Success

Ashley Woo

Relationship Success

Nurul Azimah

Business Development