5 Playful and Fun Summer Makeup Trends to Wear

There are many things wrong with 2020 and just because we can’t go out as much, doesn’t mean we should stay out of the summer trends. Being a tropical country, summer means more than just the heat and the sun for us but also signifies the incoming tanning days, the fullness of life and a freedom and playfulness. Makeup is often a medium for people to really embrace shifts in the personality and it is no wonder that when summer beckons, makeup trends also become more playful and explorative. Here at hoolah, we love moving with the seasons and keeping up with the trends so we did a little research and compiled 5 fun and playful summer makeup trends to try this season. PS no lipstick or lipgloss stuff cause we assume you’ll be wearing your masks most of the time!

Blush It Up

The trademark sign of someone frolicking in the sun and being active and healthy outside is a good ol’ classic flush to their skin. With us being cooped up at home most of spring, it is no wonder that this trend is coming at us full force. To give the illusion that you have been out running on the beach, pack on the blush! Forget the whole “touch of a subtle pink that’s close to your skin colour” – we’re embracing layering strong reds and corals on our cheeks.

Couture Blush Fun playful summer makeup trends
Photo Credits: BHG

Our suggestion for the summer? Stick with a powder formula. Powder blush is great for gliding over pores for a blurring effect and will actually not look cake-y like creams will. This one from Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is a fav for its strong pigment formula and smooth finish.

Pro tip – brush some blush on your nose tip to give you a cute and flushed natural look!

Sparkles and Glitter

Nothing screams fun in the sun like a touch of glitter and sparkles. Experiment with the way you’re using glitter – it could be glitter eyeshadow, a touch of shimmer in your blush or even sparkly falsies if you have the pluck! As long as it’s safe for the skin and ideally, environmentally friendly glitter, there’s no reason to not indulge in this fun and playful look.

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Glowy Baby

When we think of a sun kissed beach goer who has had a long and productive day on the surf, we think of someone tan and glowy in all the right places, not someone with oily and dull skin. If your days comprise of more Zoom calls than volleyballs, try emulating that same glow with some highlighter and touch eclat! Paired with your usual blush and contour, the highlighter is essential in creating a high-impact look. Brush on a small amount onto the apples of your cheeks to give your look a shine (without looking greasy). Instead of looking like you packed on glitter, your skin will seem effortlessly dewy and fresh. 

Fun playful summer makeup trends liquid higlighter
Photo Credits: Tashkila
Souffle D'Eclat Fun playful summer makeup trends
Photo Credits: BHG

Finish your look with this finishing powder. This one from YSL has an illuminating transparency to enhance the skin’s natural radiance and maintain a fresh look throughout the day, promising that sun-kissed glow.

Floating Eyeliner

This one may be a bit out there but hear us out! In the spirit of fun and playful makeup trends for the summer- we are headed for fresh and exciting. We all love a cool dramatic cat eye or even a smoked out look for the lids but those aren’t exactly fresh and exciting. The floating liner uses negative space to create a unique look on your lids and will definitely draw some eyes to your look!

Pick a waterproof liquid liner for this one – we want to minimise smudges and a liquid liner will glide on smoothly without smudging. The sharpness of a liquid liner will help you make those clean lines faster and smoother too!

Neon Lids

Neon is often synonymous and associated with funky, fresh and exciting – all things summer. Rather than blending neutral shades for a traditional smoky eye, or sticking to your browns and reds, try using neon and bright shades for a graphic look. The mood of summer is experimental and to try new things and if you’ve never played around with bright shades before, why not start now? Pick up a palette with a range of colours so you can comfortably play around with a few colours. We love this Morphe palette – the wide variety of shades and hues make for an easy and fun time to experiment.

Fun playful summer makeup trends morphe palette
Photo Credits: Makeup Budget

Makeup is truly an expression of your own confidence, and bright eyeshadows are a great way to make a statement. These loud colours will draw visual attention to you so take that, embrace it and wear your look with pride. 

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