Athleisure – How to Go from Working to Working Out

With more workout studios popping up in the office areas, more people are bringing their work out lifestyle to work. Here are some styling tips to make athleisure more wearable in the office, and to help lessen the load of your gym bag.

We all know the very adage – look good, feel good. That saying can easily be applied when adopting the athleisure lifestyle too. If one is dressed to take on a healthier life choice, that mindset extends on to their everyday choices. Lower sugar in their bubble tea? Take that one flight of stairs instead of the elevator? Less sodium potato chips? These are all steps, albeit baby, that one can take to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

With such a reasoning, it should come as no surprise that the busiest percentage of people today – the working adults- would adopt these athleisure pieces into their everyday wardrobe. And such an idea really isn’t that unorthodox anymore. Big companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have okay-ed their male employees to show up to work without a suit and you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find office ladies showing up to work carting huge gym bags.

If you’re wary about how that would look, fret not because we are coming through with some tips on how to seamlessly incorporate athleisure in the office.

Colors and Shapes

A lot of athleisure comes in rather loud and flashy colors that may come off as obnoxious in the workplace. After all, it is less than ideal to be decked out in neon green when you are trying to pitch your latest ideas to a more traditional board of members.

We recommend sticking to muted and darker colors for your pieces. Black, gray and navy are more office-appropriate colors and they flatter any shape better too!

Try these fun pieces from Gym Wear Movement and Fitta– they are in quieter colors but do not compromise on character and style.

Photo credit and piece from Fitta Active
Photo credit and piece from Gym Wear Movement

Also, stay away from tank tops, short shorts and slouchy pieces. These are inappropriate because they convey the idea that you do not take your role seriously and therefore, people will be less likely to take you or your ideas seriously. Instead, opt for pieces that have more of a structure to them, or an added flair to distract from the fact that you are wearing sportswear.

Photo credit and piece from Outfyt
Photo credit and piece from Rangoon

How to Wear Yoga Tights

As the only significant fashion figure of the upper east side Blair Waldorf once so imperiously imprinted on us, tights are not pants. With that in mind, if you have a yoga class after work, try pulling on a t-shirt dress over it.

Photo credit: Pinterest. Piece from Ebuychic
Photo credit: Pinterest. Piece from Forever21

Alternatively, you can also layer it with a blazer and you will be able to keep the casual well married with a more formal silhouette. Linen is a great material as it is both simultaneously casual and formal.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A long cardigan will not only keep you warm in your office’s sub-zero environment, it will also distract the eye from the more informal shape of the yoga pants. Try this more athletic vest to layer over your tights and a longer sports bra.

Photo credit and piece from Outfyt

Sports bra

Photo credits and piece from Ohsosom

This one’s an easy one because after all, you can just put a shirt on over it. However, if you’re as obsessed with your new print sports bra as we are with this one from OHSOSOMand want to incorporate that color into your outfit, you can still do so without looking inappropriate!

Pair your sports bra with some loose and high waisted trousers. This ensures that your silhouette is not too figure-hugging for the boardroom.

Photo credit and piece from Dressabelle
Photo credit and piece from Dressabelle

Also opt for a sports bra that offers more coverage! This will make it easier to get away with pairing with lower waisted bottoms. These ones from Base Athletica caught our eyes with their unique shape and patterns!

Photo credit and piece from Base Athletica
Photo credit and piece from Base Athletica

With these styling tips, you can go to work rest assured you can have an easy change when you arrive at the studios. Happy workouts!

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