How to Rock Your Favourite Sneakers Anywhere

Athleisure has really crept into our lives and we are starting to embrace the idea of pairing leggings with our work blazer, or throwing a pair of sneakers in for convenience. What really paved the way though, has been streetwear and how it has been well accepted into everyday fashion because of relaxed dress codes and how comfortable the pieces are. Embracing street fashion however, is more than pairing your favourite athletic brand with dressy clothes. Here are some ways you can rock your new favourite street cops and sneakers.

Pair With a Tee

Naturally, when thinking of sneakers, one would think of pairing them with the standard pants and tee combo. We love the whole stripped down and comfortable aesthetic that comes with.

Supreme Masterpieces Tee Natural
Photo Credits: Novelship

Dress It Up

You would hardly think of wearing an old dress with sneakers but this unexpected combination works in many more ways that you’d think. Pick up one of those old dresses you bought and wore only once (for your D&D or someone’s wedding) and layer it over a plain coloured tee. This layering makes the dress a lot more approachable for casual events, giving the dress many more chances to be worn – yay to reusing pieces! This casual everyday look will work even better with a pair of sneakers. Elevate it with some chunky pieces like the classic Fila Disruptor.

Photo Credits: Moorea Seal
Fila Disruptor 2 White Enamel
Photo Credits: Novelship


If you’ve shelled out quite a fair bit on your kicks, you definitely want them to be the star of the show. This especially applies if your shoes are more vibrant and colourful. Instead of having them battle it out with the many layers, colours and patterns of your clothing, let your shoes dictate the aesthetic of your look. Pair them with some monochrome looks, or reduce your texture and shapes to something a bit more low-key so that undivided attention goes to your unique new kicks, like the A Bathing Ape Bapesta Coach Black.

A Bathing Ape Bapesta Coach Black
Photo Credits: Novelship

All White

To really stand out, try going for a single colour approach. White will be a great option for this as it remains a neutral colour while still being classic enough to operate well on its own. To provide more dimension to your piece, perhaps add different layers and textures to it. We love the idea of pairing linen and silk clothing with some leather white sneakers. How chic!

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