Less Is More – Minimalism in Home Decor

If you feel more at peace when your room is clean and spruced up, it’s not all just in your mind. That’s the science behind minimalism! Research has shown that a cluttered room tends to create psychological stress and unrest. If you are a busy working millennial, or have a family to clean up after, all the added furniture will only create a bigger mess, and (literally) pile on your worries and frustrations. The solution? Turn to minimalism. Minimalism provide instant relief if you enjoy walking into an empty and clean room. After all, Kondo’s theories are not unfounded – only keep it if it brings you joy! The team over here at Hoolah has done their research on how to lead that #minimalistlife and we lay it all out here (neatly) for you.

Clean and Constant Colour Palette

Subdued hues and palettes will be your best friend when approaching the minimalist look. Stay away from bright and striking colours, or even clean ones with patterns on them. Anything that takes away visual authority will not serve as a good base for your minimalist room. Perhaps start with different varieties of cream or grey!

Image Credit: Castlery

Strong Angled Furniture

When adopting the minimalist approach towards decorating, one might risk losing any sense of personality. A simple way to ensure your room retains style and deliberate taste is to have angular furniture. Anything with bold angles will be sure to inject some purposeful personality and style in your room! We love this table from iuiga for its bold but not loud look. The gold draws your attention to it but its matte finish gives off a subtler look.

Photo Credits: Iuiga

Add Some Texture

If your mild palette of a room looks kind of bare and empty, introduce some texture to provide some visual variety. Reach for some plain, fluffy rugs like this one from ikea, or these ones from castlery. Sensory touch points will be your best friend when decorating in a minimalistic way – as long as it stays in the same hues and tones of the room.

Photo Credits: ikea
Photo Credits: Castlery

Clever Storage Spaces

If you find that you have many things that you absolutely can’t part with, it might be smarter (and better on your mental wellbeing) to put it all in a stylish storage space, than to tediously figure out which to toss or keep. You cannot go wrong with a clean surfaced, wide and spacious cupboard like this. Pick something that is shorter rather than a standard tall cabinet as those make for easier organising and do not pose a visual distraction. These cupboards make for easier cleaning up too – no more cleaning up after your kids’ toys, you can make them put it all back easily themselves.

Photo Credits: homestolife

Use A Mirror

A huge characteristic of minimalist decor is its existence to create an illusion of a bigger, well lit and cleaner space. What better what to do that than using a mirror? A big standing mirror, or a wall mirror can help give the illusion that your room is a lot bigger than it is. Hang it up opposite a window to maximise the natural lighting in your room.

Photo Credits: Speckled Space

So there you have it – a simpler and neater way to maximise space and clarity in your home. If you are not impressed and wanna embrace maximalism, check out our article on that here!

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