The Lingerie Styling Guide You Need To Rock These 4 Style Statements

Fretting about what to wear on the inside? We’ve got you covered on what lingerie to wear on these four style staples.

With Singapore’s unpredictable weather, wearing comfortable garments in between the island’s sultry heat and wet spells is a hassle on its own. And it goes without saying that so much more can be said in the realm of intimate wears. The world of lingerie is already tricky to navigate about and with today’s hectic schedules, donning on the right lingerie can in fact take you places.

But how do you go about selecting the right lingerie for every occasion and attire? Sitting down with founders of the pioneer intimate womenswear label, Chaloné, we unravel the perfect solutions and recommendations for some of Singapore’s favourite styles.


Credits: Mikayla

Off-shoulder dresses and tops are popular statement pieces to wear on a romantic dinner to brunch dates. Here, we recommend wearing a strapless bra that heightens the sensuality of the female frame. Or a lace bra for an added feminine touch and perhaps, a wee bit of fun.

Credits: Chalone

Strapless bra makes for an excellent choice to show off your shoulder assets. Even without seams, shaping is made possible with innovative technology and comfortable materials; both the mesh lining and soft elastic bands make for a snug fit. And if you are considering getting one, consider getting it in three tones (black, nude and white) for all occasions.

Credits: Chalone

Another consideration to add into your wardrobe are strapless bras with sheer and scallop lace for that added sensuality.“When the bra goes against the skin, the contrast between skin and lace is pretty,” says Justine Ng, one of Chaloné founders.


Credits: Mikayla

Body-con and bandage dresses tend to show off the feminine contours of the body with a somewhat tight-fitting (and sexy) front. The assets you want to highlight are perhaps the booty curves and sexy bust lines. Of course, different dresses call for different lingerie to pair with. Here, we recommend a combination of push-ups, waist cincher and thigh slimmer.

Credits: Chalone

Transparent Back Strapless Bra features a compilation of push-up, seamless, and strapless options (the straps are detachable!), making it suitable for multiple occasions. The built-in progressive padding will lift and perk up the twins, while its sides are angled a tad higher to tuck in any side fats.

Credits: Chalone

Pair that with the Waist Cincher to elevate the feminine frame with even more confidence. Unsightly bulges are compressed with the double hook-and-eye closure with zip front, while inner rods provide light support, posture maintenance and light boning. Essentially, you instantly lose 2-3 inches off your waist with it.

Credits: EnvyHer

The Waist & Hip Blaster is the optional cherry on top that provides a smooth look under your attire, while shaping your midriff, and slimming your tummy, hips and thighs at the same time.


Credits: Camira Asrori

Sheer or semi-translucent clothing have long been linked to exude a sense of mystery and an air of sexiness. Which makes it all the more perfect to wear on a girl’s night out or for a romantic dinner date at a posh restaurant.  To accentuate this sexiness, nude colour camisoles are ideal for white-coloured sheer attires while black lace bra or dark-coloured bodysuits complement black-coloured garments.

Credits: Chalone

Take for instance the Petunia Lace Bodysuit. Plunging neckline meets intricate laces to exude an air of sophistication and a little extra for a flirtatious appeal.


Credits: Moxie

Risqué garments with low-neckline or low arm hole contains an appeal that has long been closely linked to elegance and sophistication. For women who dare and want to revel in backless or halterneck pieces, intimate wears ought to accentuate the appropriate assets.

Credits: Chalone

Also complementing pieces that reveal the back, the Wow Plunge Bra is a cheeky number that sports unique shell-like cups that pushes, supports and amps up cleavage lines ever so subtly. Adhesive U Plunge Bra comes in discreet nude hue with molded, underwired cups that not only supports but also pushes your twins for a va va voom effect.

You don’t really need a reason to indulge and pamper yourself, sexy lingerie is for every woman. It doesn’t matter if you are single or attach. Wearing the right ones to accentuate your contours, curves, and sexiness triumphs it all.

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