This National Day, We Are Celebrating The Hustlers of Tomorrow

For many Singaporeans, August is a special month. Even with the coronavirus pandemic, we are still steeped in celebratory spirit for the nation’s 55th birthday. If anything, it’s evident that nothing is going to rain on our parade.

Lately, we have been looking an awful lot at the past. Whether it be the nation’s recent election in July, or the island-wide circuit breaker from April till early June, or hoolah’s establishment some two years ago in 2018. It goes without saying that we have accomplished much and overcame plenty of hurdles along the way. And while there are times when we were left unmoored and adrift, we have always bounced back and marched on, wiser and more resilient than ever.

National Day

As hoolah celebrates Singapore’s 55th birthday, we are also celebrating all the trails and tribulations that the nation has collectively overcame. We have also come to realised that if we looked deep (and hard enough), we would come to hear stories of the common folk that are both inspiring and empowering. For after all, these are the people who remain discouraged amid setbacks and continuously look ahead to the future, while driving themselves to a cause and philosophy they believe in.

It is important to hear the narratives of these driven humans—or as the youths of today coin them “hustlers”. Because hearing their stories individually may remind us of what it means to be human and collectively, these stories coalesce to build a context to the Singapore story. More importantly, they highlight a kind of powerful, parallel thinking that is both insightful and evocative.

Which is why, we have chosen four unique and young personalities to feature this National Day. From locally-based model Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, who was fat-shamed on regional TV while presenting Singapore; to YouTube creative Dew Francis, whose rebellious past shapes who he is today; to Singaporean singer-songwriter Hashy Yusof, who was once diagnosed with a tumour down her spine that would have left her paralysed and unable to bear children; and to Yuslina Yussof, an local actress whose passion for acting knows no bounds.

And with that, we will take this opportunity to wish Singapore a great and happy National Day!

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