The Case for the Microbags – More Than a Meme

Let’s be real, if and when we covet a microbag, it’s hardly because of how much lighter and handier it is than your standard work bag. Sure, lugging a huge tote around isn’t ideal, but the appeal in the microbag is more than just its convenience. It’s cute. It’s a statement. It adds to your outfit without overpowering it and serves as a great conversation starter. But at the sake of not becoming the brunt of the microbag memes, we’ve scrounged up some accessible examples that are practical, can hold more than a couple of dollar coins and are still small enough for double bagging (if you’re into that).

The Structured

One way a smaller bag can provide more storage capacity is if it comes with a sturdier structure. By choosing a bag that has a stronger frame, you can fill it up with your necessities and still have it retain its original shape. This way, you can pack it with a small pen, a couple cards, car keys and still avoid having your microbag look like a bulging pouch.


Credits: Tocco Toscano

Perhaps you don’t want your bag looking like a shrunken version of a more conventional shaped bag but still want that minimised size. We hear you and one option will be to opt for a more unconventional method of attaching a minimalist leather pouch to a leather strap. Tocco Toscano offers both in different colours and textures so you can experiment with choices. You can even choose to monogram your little DIY project for free.

The Patterned

One worry about carting a microbag around is that it may just disappear into your outfit. To give your microbag a bit more dimension, consider picking one with a louder pattern. A snake print or cheetah print would be our go-to because of how it adds a touch of class to the outfit but simultaneously does not distract too much from it.

The Sleek Silhouette

To all my men out there, this one’s for you too! If you want to be able to carry around only the bare minimum but don’t feel like ruining the line work of your pants by stuffing your wallet in your pockets, pick one of these bad boys up. Knock down assumptions and stereotypes that mini cross bags are for the feminine figure and go for something with a more understated shape if you’re apprehensive about the idea of donning a crossbody.

The Buckle

Picking a piece with a huge buckle means you can also pass the bag off as a statement accessory. The buckle will draw the eye’s attention to it before anything else, therefore slowly weaning on even the hardest naysayer over to the #tinybag life.

Adopting a microbag could be seen as adopting a Kondo way of life too. After all, it’s liberating to have to throw out all your receipts (no, you don’t need those anymore) and koi straw wrappers. It’s also refreshing to have to sit and reassess the needs of the baggage you’re carting around everyday, both literally and figuratively too if you need it. But hey, let’s take it one purse at a time, eh?

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