The Min List – How to Consume Beauty Sustainably

The world is facing serious environmental issues and we all have to pick up our pace when it comes to operating more sustainably. We’ve all heard about how harmful fast fashion is to our environment but hardly enough discourse is raised about the negative impact the beauty industry leaves behind as well. Fast beauty is quickly becoming a reality with countless brands pushing out their products every other day and encouraging consumers to engage with their seasonal turn arounds.

Many of us are guilty of hoarding half used products and still reaching out for more every time a new one gets released. Changing that mindset will be a great step forward but even if you use responsibly and sustainably and finish your product, there will still be negative effects on the environment. This is because the production of these products are harmful to our environment. It is also extremely difficult to responsibly dispose of your used tubs or empties. Make up and skincare generally consist of very complicated formulas that may end up costing a lot to separate, clean or break down. This eventually leads to a lot of this plastic being disposed in landfills – an approximate 2.7 billion plastic bottles every year to be exact. That’s not all. 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry and the cardboard that envelops perfumes, serums and moisturisers contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year.

Whew! It is a scary thought that something we indulge in to pamper our skin can cause this much damage to the environment. While this is a huge movement and a lot of change is needed to make a difference, any little thing you do will help as well! We’ve decided to partner with The Min List to show you a few beauty brands that you can consume sustainably while not compromising on your #lewks.

Handmade Heroes

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Photo Credits: Handmade Heroes

Handmade Heroes is a local brand that boasts cute handmade products that are paraben-free, alcohol free, cruelty-free, and of course, vegan. Vegan products, by definition, are products that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Because these products are created with natural ingredients, they tend to be better for your skin, and the environment.

AYN Skin

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Photo Credits: Ayn Skin

Ayn Skin is a cruelty-free, vegan and botanical brand that prides itself on being kind to the flora and fauna of the world, while keeping your skin soft and supple. Not only that, they also make a conscious effort to keep all their packaging eco-friendly. Being a part of the Forest Stewardship Council, all paper and wood products are sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner. They are also very transparent in the ingredients that they use, and list them all out on their product site. This helps you make informed choices when you are trying to consume sustainably.


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Photo Credits: The Min List

Made with all-natural ingredients, Aidilic offers a range of products ranging from skin care and haircare. Their handcrafted soaps are made using a traditional method of soapmaking called the ‘cold-processed’ method.

This method creates a more natural soap bar that preserves the benefits of the butters and oils for the skin, a soap that produces ample lather in the shower, and is better for your skin without the nasty chemicals!


Photo Credits: The Min List

Speakskinbeauty was concocted over a need of an effective, steroid-free lotion for eczema. The owners saw a lot of ambiguity in the natural skincare market and sought to change that with their natural, organic and plant-based items. Not only that, they’ve also made efforts to ensure their packagings are responsibly created. In place of bags and boxes, they’ve partnered with NGOs to make upcycled bags from excess fabrics. This helps to keep them out of landfills and to give them a new home. They also have an ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted for reforestation so you know that when you’re buying from them, you’re contributing to a great cause!

Why Installment Payments?

Here at Hoolah, we understand that a great way to not buy into fast beauty is to not buy impulsively. Our installment payments encourage that notion and remind you that sustainable living is an investment worth shelling out for! By opting to pay for your sustainable purchase in parts, you are spreading the cost out and therefore, will be better equipped to handle your finances. Shop The Min List on our website today!

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