What Is Normcore and How to Rock the Style

When you think normcore, unless you are well acquainted with the style, your mind will flick to the idea of normalcy and … hardcore? Huh??? We get it – with all these new terms and genres, who can really keep up? Well, we can and we are here to help you figure your way through assimilating the style into your wardrobe!

Normcore is a style of dressing and even a style of living, if you will. It is a 21st century trend that celebrates the rejection of extravagance and embraces, you guessed it, normality. The style is often associated with self-aware dressed down looks that pay homage to the looks seen on Seinfield or early days American Apparel. The term was cleverly noticed by New York trend forecasting group K-Hole in a tongue in cheek trend forecast in PDF form. Prior to K-Hole, the first time the term was used was in a 2008 edition of the webcomic Templar AZ by comic artist Ryan Estrada. He was the first person who ever coined the term that would, in years to come, end up defining the self-aware, quiet individuality-celebrating and practical style of fashion.

At a glance, the characteristics of normcore include dad shoes, oversized jumpers, baseball caps and stonewashed denim jeans. Key players of the style will be brands like North Face, Pantagonia and New Balances. If you want to recreate the normcore look here in Singapore, all while supporting local business, we have just the guide for you.

Comfortable Shoes

A great mentality to adopt when trying to rock the normcore look will be fit over fashion. When you are trying to incorporate that the effortless style, you should probably put aside any stilettos or hype worthy sneakers aside for now, and pick up a couple of dad shoes. Yes, you heard us right. Dad shoes are simply put, chunky and shapeless but comfortable sneakers that you would most probably see your dad in on his daily morning walks. New Balances are a option if you want effortless with a touch of style.

New Balance Made in US 990

For normcore, the chunkier the better. The Fila Disruptor has been helmed as the chunky dad shoe so it really is a great first building block for your normcore wardrobe. Check out other chunky shoes options here at Novelship, where you can buy and sell authentic sneakers.

Fila Disruptor 2 in White


It’s the texture and knitted style of sweaters that make them so popular in the normcore culture. As you’ll read about below, its significance in the trend can also be attributed to the relaxed fit. If you’re grimacing at the idea of throwing on a thick knitted sweater in this heat, maybe choose the alternative of a long sleeved shirt instead. This one from RYE is long-sleeved but thin enough that you won’t be sweating buckets.

RYE Ribbed Knit Long Sleeve Top
RYE Round Neck Rib Knit Long Sleeve Top

Baggy Clothes

Baggy and oversized clothing is just one of the biggest components of the style. Its relaxed fit and comfortable silouhette make it one of the most classic characteristics of normcore fashion and we’re not complaining! Baggy pieces are comfortable to wear during hot days (basically everyday here in our little red dot), and perfect for days when you’re feeling a little bloated from your heavy brunch. Esse is our go to brand for such styles. Their baggy pieces are stylish and not only that, they are sustainable as well. Got to love a responsible and reliable clothing provider!

Esse Tuxedo Sleeveless Shirt
Esse V-Back Tank Top

Baggy pants are a great option as well and when picking the right pair, try to go for those with a more relaxed material, like linen or soft cotton. The guys over at RYE have got it right with this pair of chic trousers.

RYE Cupro Drawstring Flared Pants

Dad Caps

We think that a huge reason as to why dad caps are such a staple in the normcore culture is because it hides any messy hairdos one might be having. Bad hair day? No time to style and gel? Just slap on a cap and call it a day! A simple one will be this classic from Brixton.

Brixton Wheeler Dad Cap Black


Comfort chasers rejoice – sweatpants are a key staple of the normcore wardrobe. Whether it is its sluggish and relaxed silhouette or its blatant disregard for the standards of high brow fashion, sweatpants will almost instantly shout “I’m embracing my individuality but I dig comfort too!” These linen pants from Graye are understated and comfortable. Their muted colour palettes make it easy to style too.

Graye Journeyman Linen Pants

And there you have it! Be sure to own your new normcore closet with confidence and assuredness – that is after all what this trend was built on!

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