How To Celebrate Your Birthday During This Extended CB Period

Having your birthday fall between a global pandemic, where almost everyone is quarantined at home, must be one of the most unfortunate things to ever experience. And with the circuit breaker expected to extend till early June, many of us may be wondering how we can celebrate our own and even our friends’ or family members’ birthdays.

If you happen to have to cancel the much-anticipated birthday celebration, take some solace in that you are not alone on making this decision. In the grander scheme of things, we are living through a pandemic and it is okay to feel disappointed. Despite not being on the same scale as it should be, you would be glad to know that there are other alternatives to celebrate life’s special milestones.

So, in joyful defiance of the coronavirus pandemic, here are some suggestions that you can consider spicing up your birthday celebration (or your family members’ and friends’)!

1. Host A Virtual Birthday Party


We know many of you are missing the human connection in your life. Fortunately, we have plenty of interactive, live, online tools to thank for and make up for it. From organising Zoom calls to hosting a room in House Party, consider having your loved ones over to celebrate your birthday together virtually!

All you have to do is to don on a few party hats, set a nice virtual background, get a slice of cake (any cake would do!), and gather around to sing a few jolly tunes. It’s a fairly straightforward affair, and you don’t have to head out to any stores for any elaborate decors!  

2. Movie Nights With A Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Party, Birthday

Because most entertainment outlets, such as our cinemas and karaoke booths, are closed. Consider this an extension of hosting a virtual party. You can get your friends and family members to gather around and binge on some of your favourite Netflix shows together at the same time. If you are clueless on what to watch, you’d be surprise that April’s newest selection of Netflix shows has pretty a little bit of everything in any genre.

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3. Have Your Favourite LOCAL Food Delivered

The food and beverage industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. In Singapore, no one can dine out anymore, McDonald’s outlets island-wide have shuttered their doors, and some shops that sell dessert (or bubble tea) are now in the list of non-essential services. While it is tradition to have your favourite food during your birthday, consider supporting some of your local hawkers or eateries by ordering from them!

Whether it be a spicy carrot cake or juicy dumplings, you’d be glad to have a wide variety of food to feast on, nonetheless.

4. Indulge In Something You Enjoy

Birthday Facial

Whether it be a virtual dance-off with your friends or building your own life on Animal Crossing, you should spend the day doing what you love most. Crave a chocolate cake? Order it, or if not bake it. Feel the need to relax and pamper yourself? Ready your skincare regime, play your favourite music, and relax in the midst. There are plenty of things to do, and you have all day to conquer it all.

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5. Send Gifts, Send Many Gifts

For many of us, the cabin fever is real. While there are many alternatives to keep us occupied and entertained, nothing speaks better than having a surprise present delivered to your doorstep. Furthermore, this is your special day and we advocate that you pamper yourself occasionally. Plus, this is the perfect time to get your body in shape, and you can choose to purchase some other wearables to don on when the pandemic settles down. Should you need any recommendations, feel free to head over to hoolah’s extensive list of merchants, where you can buy now, pay later at interest-free installments.

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