5 ASMR Artists To Watch On YouTube To Help You Cope With Your Circuit Breaker Stress

You would probably have experienced this before. A peculiar tingling sensation that begins at the back of your head that gradually spreads down throughout the length of your spine. In what seems like a minute or two, that tingling from the waves of goose bumps made you feel euphoric and whole. While commonly referred to as a “brain-gasm”, the term that describes this feel-good sensation is called “ASMR” and it stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”.  

ASMR Darling

Then again, I suppose many would be familiar with what ASMR is. For after all, the world of ASMR is huge, especially on YouTube where it is a subculture on its own. A quick search of “ASMR” on YouTube yields countless of feel-good videos, each with thousands to millions of views. Often characterised by finger fluttering actions, soft whispering and noises generated from the use of a sensitive microphone, variations of these ASMR videos can run the gamut from mukbangs which feature plenty of slurping and crunching to role plays and even to those that are motivational or simply uplifting. Needless to say, all of these videos, like a mental tranquiliser, are capable of lulling you to sleep and relaxes your mind and body.

Veiled ASMR

In a world where people are struggling to cope with home isolation and deal with the stress associated with the coronavirus pandemic, ASMR videos may well become a new tool to help people relax. In an exclusive interview with Insider, psychologist Dr Emma Gray shared, “Human beings don’t like uncertainty, and it is really making things quite unmanageable. There is obviously a physical risk to COVID-19, but the biggest risk outside of the financial and economic one is the psychological risk because people are cut off from their normal ways of coping.”

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Read on to find out our recommendations on our favourite ASMR artists on YouTube.

1. Latte ASMR

Demure and soft-spoken, Latte is a South Korean ASMR artist with a very likeable personality. Her YouTube channel boasts 1.14 million subscribers at the time of this writing, and the polyglot’s niche revolves around role-plays in multiple languages. So whether it be a trip to a Korean hair salon or to a Japanese facial palor, you can trust Latte to put you in a good state of mind.


2. Veiled ASMR

Another South Korean ASMR artist, Seung Ju (or Veiled) sports boyish good looks and garners a more than 207 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel at the time of this writing. With content that occasionally teases the listener, think “I’ll do ASMR until you fall asleep” and “ASMR Kiss Sounds 2019”, I’m sure many ladies would have easily fallen for him. Beyond his typical ASMR content, he also publishes travel vlogs too.  


3. Zach Choi ASMR

This is a unique one. While many other ASMR artists are known to whisper softly into the sensitive microphone, what makes Zach Choi’s channel unique isn’t the saliva-inducing food mukbang he frequently posts. Instead, it is how he remains silent throughout most of his videos that sets him apart from the rest. With close to 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, you’d be amused at how this dude indulges in huge quantities of food with ease. We recommend watching his videos on a full tummy.


4. Gentle Whispering ASMR

The pioneer of ASMR on YouTube, Maria from Gentle Whispering began her journey back in 2011. To date, she has close to 2 million subscribers and her videos have garnered a total of more than 730 million views. Being the pioneer of ASMR, you can expect content to range from role plays to intense tingling sessions; the latter is known to feature an extensive list of triggering actions or sounds that is known to make even the ASMR immune (Yes, you can be immune!) tingle.


5. ASMR Darling

Another pioneering but underrated ASMR artist, Taylor from ASMR Darling creates plenty of interesting ASMR videos all from the bedroom. From ASMR baking content to beard shaving and trimming video, you will be constantly entertained by what Taylor has got to offer.


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