How to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

There are so many reasons why we should adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is more than a trend or a moral obligation and rather our civic duty as inhabitants of this planet. After all, if we stop looking after our home, how can we expect our home to take care of us? If you are interested in playing your part, a great place to start will be your kitchen! Or if you already have a foot in the door with reusable straws and tote bags, here are some steps to take your eco-friendly choices one level up! All it takes is swapping out some tools and items that will make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. The team at hoolah has curated a list of ways you can upgrade your space for a more eco-friendly kitchen and a healthier planet.

Make Your Coffee Routine Green

It’s time to ditch your plastic pods of coffee!

These coffee pots are plastic-guzzlers that are built to break, requiring the manufacturing of more and more of them. They are never long lasting and promote an endless cycle of wasteful manufacturing. Using that much plastic and waste for one cup of coffee just seems like an asinine decision. Instead, pick up a manual coffee brewer. They are built to last and usually do not require replacement of parts. They are also more personalized and the variety of options ensure that you can pick one that makes the perfect cup of joe for you.


Photo Credits: mrphy

This Mico-Ice Cold Brew Coffee Set from myphy combines Scandi styling with scientific laboratory design elements so that you’ll be brewing in style in no time. Its stable detachable one-body design offers better handling and stability so you can focus on pouring.

Dairy also has a huge carbon footprint and if you are someone who enjoys a creamy cuppa instead of black coffee, replace your milk with some plant-based options. Oat milk or almond milk is so easily accessible these days but if you’re not willing to spend, you can make your own! Here are some recipes for oat milk and almond milk. All you need is a blender and a good strainer to get your silky smooth milk.

Soft Touch Strainer
Photo Credits: BHG


Cleaning Equipment

A huge part of being eco-friendly is ditching anything that is single-use and one of the simplest and affordable ways to revamp your kitchen to a more eco-friendly one is by swapping out single-use paper products for reusable cloths. It is all too easy to have a log of paper towels resting nearby to mop up any spills or mess but you could easily do that with reusable cloths or wipes. White Magic does a line of reusable cloths for every surface imaginable. Each cloth has a lifespan of 300 machine washes and you only need water to mop up messes.

Eco Cloth - Oven & Cooktop
Photo Credits: BHG

If you need washing cloth for dishes, this washing up pad is really useful. The pads don’t scratch and wear out quite as easily as the usual sponges and they are more eco-friendly.

Eco Cloth Washing Up Pad

Revamp your Packaging Methods

Most of our waste comes from the way we store our food. We are so used to using plastic bags and styrofoam boxes for takeaways that we don’t even think twice when we double bag our groceries or even ask for additional boxes to separate our sauce from our food. Start by changing your approach to the way you pack food!

Photo Credits: Homely Connect

When packing up your snacks, ditch your ziplock bags! Those may be so super convenient but we all know that after a couple times of use, they become kind of manky and you start feeling less inclined to put your fresh fruits or snacks in them. Swap those plastic baggies out for these reusable silicone bags from Homely Connect. They are made of non-toxic material and do not contain BPA, PVC or lead.

If you’re thinking about how to takeaway food, or even how to store cooked food, opt for these food jars. They have double wall vacuumised structure that ensures food, soup or even beverages are kept warm for long hours. They are also stain and odor resistant and the wide brim makes it easy to clean. The fact that they look so good is just the cherry on top.

Photo Credits: BHG

Last but not least, we are all guilty of getting plastic bags to cart our groceries around. These plastic bags end up forgotten or tossed out with our garbage and contribute to waste. Invest in a bag of sturdy grocery totes instead and reuse them every time you head out to get groceries.

Photo Credits: Homely Connect

When you are looking for a grocery bag, you want to make sure it is of high quality and is not flimsy and prone to breakage. These are specially designed cloth grocery bags with round cotton web handles enable you to carry your shopping around with great convenience. They are also highly durable and made out of cotton with double sewn on all joints, promising extra strength for the heavier groceries.

Turning your kitchen into a more eco-friendly option is a commitment and can’t be done overnight. It may be pricey but it is so much better for you and the environment in the long run so why not get started today! It’s a great time to give back to our planet and the team here at hoolah wants to help you make that choice easier. With hoolah’s buy now and pay later solution, you can invest in choices that will benefit you and the earth, without breaking the bank.

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