Stay Home Edition: Types of Workouts You Can Do During the Circuit Breaker

It is uncertain times that we are in right now and to help us deal with the pandemic, the government issued certain measures to ensure Singaporeans stay at home. While the circuit breaker measures are a great move to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it also means no more going to the gyms, or workout studios or even basketball sessions with friends! If you have been spending your Stay Home days snacking in bed and catching up on Netflix’s Tiger King (guilty as charged!), then you are probably feeling the need to get active again! The gang at hoolah has been planning out some easy home workouts and we thought we’d share them with you. Here are some tips on getting a good sweat in during your stay at home workouts, all while adhering to the circuit breaker rules.


man calisthenics stay home workouts circuit breaker

We get it, not everyone has the cash to deflect to Decathlon for their own weighted sets and dumb bells. But where does that leave those who want to work on their strength? Well, good news for you because with callisthenics, your body is all the weight you need! Calisthenics are exercises that work large muscles groups all with minimal equipment. This is great news too, for people who are looking to grow stronger and burn more calories as muscle focused exercises are proven to use up more energy and work your muscles more. We are always using multiple muscle groups during calisthenics and this is more demanding on the body – the more muscles used in each exercise means the more calories being burnt.

Some simple calisthenics exercises that focus on your lower body include reps of lunges, wall sits or squats. For your upper body, try repeated reps of shoulder presses and push ups. We love using Jordan Hill’s routine on as a guide!

Workouts With Makeshift Weights

Perhaps callisthenics aren’t your thing yet (read, you aren’t strong enough to support your body weight, that’s okay cause same) but you would still like to work on your upper body. Try utilising some of the things around your home and turn them into temporary weights! If you are looking for arm weights in the 3-5kg range, stack some books with a book binder and try lifting them! You can also fill up your smaller carry on luggages with some heavy objects, and use those as temporary weights. If you’re really desperate, you could even use that sack of rice that you bought before lockdown!

Tips on Running Outside Safely

running stay home workouts circuit breaker

If you’re lucky enough to live near a park or a running track, you might feel tempted to sneak in a jog or a run during this period. If you absolutely have to, here are some tips on how you can continue to stay safe while getting a good run in. Remember to wear a mask while you’re on your run. Yes, we know that that sounds really uncomfortable and not at all ideal, but the situation calls for it.

Secondly, always remember to maintain at least 1.5m between you and the person in front/ behind you. This may be difficult to gauge when you are running, so that brings us to our next tip – run when there is no one outside. While it may seem unorthodox to go running at 5am or jogging alone in a park at 11pm, it may very well be your safest choice right now. This way, you do not have to worry about wearing a mask or pacing yourself appropriately behind and in front of people!

Indoor Cardio Alternatives

If you would like do some cardio, but a) do not have a treadmill at home b) do not wish to run around void decks or parks c) and most importantly, want to do it while watching Netflix, we have some alternatives that will work up just the same amount of sweat as a good run – cardio dances! Cardio dance workouts are fun, upbeat and will definitely leave you pantin’ and sweatin’. There are many studios that offer cardio dance classes (think Zumba and the likes) but here are some video alternatives you can do alone at home. Now you really can dance like nobody’s watching!

Workout AND add some basic dance moves to your repertoire.
A cardio workout that’s similar to a barre class.
Sweaty Betty’s workout is loved by many, including Ms Taylor Swift herself!

During this challenging time, it is important to keep healthy! Not only does staying active helps promote and boost your immune system, it also gives you the endorphins you need to be okay with being cooped up at home. For more inspiration, check out our article here about mobile apps that can double as your personal trainer!

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