Letter From The CEO, Stuart Thornton: Reassurance In The Time of Coronavirus

Dear readers,

We have all seen better days.

The world, as we know it, has been afflicted by the novel coronavirus. A third of the global population is on coronavirus “lockdown”, with many countries, such as Denmark, France, Poland and Spain, imposing strict quarantines measures amongst their citizens. Singapore, too, has taken the right step forward in combating the pandemic with even more stringent measures to safeguard her citizens. With non-essential services shuttering their doors while schools and workplaces are closed and taking place from home, we are all advised to stay at home to protect one another. 

On behalf of hoolah, I would like to share our solidarity and support with you, your family, and all the medical professionals battling at the frontlines. Already we are seeing how the coronavirus has disrupted or drastically altered our daily routines and even our relationships. In challenging and uncertain times like this, I urge you to turn to reliable news sources to ensure that we act responsibly with the right information. 

As the bulk of the nation settles in at home, we foresee some of the struggles you may be encountering. We have, thus, taken the initiative to offer you some advice along the way. From a guide to get you bunkered down and set up a home office to ways to help you stay sane and distracted while you are quarantined at home, our writers are committed to pen even more insightful and engaging blog articles to help. So do come back and revisit our blog from time to time.

We have been focused on improving the Singaporean way of living since 2018 and our philosophy of responsible affordability is even more relevant today. Across the globe, many people are facing the economic crunch from the coronavirus pandemic. We know this isn’t business as usual outside in malls and other retail outlets. If you, the hustler of the 21st century, are facing struggles affording the tools you need to get the job done – whether it be a new food processor for the kitchen or a new set of furniture to accommodate working from home –, we are proud to share that you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

We have with us equally committed merchants – including furniture giants Hipvan and Castlery, quality mattresses from Sonno, leading headphone manufacturer Sennheiser, British kitchen appliances manufacturer Kenwood, and even the innovative yet stylish coffee machines from De’Longhi Coffee – to tide you through this uncertain time. More importantly, with hoolah, you can buy now, afford the tools you need and pay later with 0% interest.

While we do not know what lies ahead in the future, I remain hopeful. I am hopeful that a silver lining will beckon, hopeful that those who are ill will pull through, and also hopeful that humanity will emerge stronger than before (or as the signs that some Italian families are hanging outside their balconies go, “Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be okay). hoolah’s commitment to you will always be steadfast. 

We will be there for you and, deep down, we know you will be there for us too. 

Stay safe, and best wishes,

Stuart Thornton

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