Click “Cancel Membership” – At Home Workout Apps That Will Save You Money and Time

If you, like many Singaporeans, have a huge chunk of their day devoted to school or work, you can understand the struggle of taking time and money out to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, you’re desperate to adopt a healthy lifestyle but find it tough when the only time you can go to the gym or a workout class during the week is before or after work. It makes it especially difficult when all the workout classes that seem to fill up quicker than you can say ow, I’m so sore. Not to mention the fact that you probably will not be able to spare the time or energy to fight the rush hour crowd to cram yourself in a workout class and/or a gym!

And even then, if you’re looking for a more personalised workout that can track progress and allow a more specific growth, general workout classes are usually not the way to go. And if you find a gym membership or a workout class membership to be too costly, chances are you would be less than willing to splurge on a personal trainer! Well, fret not because the hoolah team has done some research to bring a handful of the best workout apps right to your fingertips!

 Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness


We all remember when Kayla Itsines came to Singapore and the huge turnout was an indication that her fitness regimes had already took in this part of the world. The app has many different workouts allocated for each individual, ranging from equipment free ones to even one for new moms trying to get back on to the fitness track! You’d be sure to find a routine here that works for you.

HIIT Workouts by Daily Burn

HIIT workouts, or High-Intensity Interval Training, have been proven to be some of the most effective workouts for calorie burning and strength training. The benefits of a good HIIT workout goes beyond loosing calories though – it ramps up your metabolic rate and keeps the calorie burning going for hours even after the workout is done. Your body also burns fat for energy instead of carbs so you’re literally losing fat! This app has an online community and has audio cues to help you ensure you keep a correct form.

Daily Yoga- Workout & Fitness  

If you think yoga is a low-impact and passive exercise, think again! Yoga has proven to be crucial in maintaining a balanced metabolism and increased muscle strength and tone. This is important if you’re working a desk job most of the time and would like to remain healthy. It also incorporates meditation and that helps with your mental health and well-being too. has detailed instructions and videos for you to refer to as you experiment with the different poses. You can even opt for a fully planned routine if you think you’re up for it!

You Are Your Own Gym  

This app uses calisthenics, which are gymnastic exercises that are performed using your body weight, to train your body and that’s great news for anyone who does not own professional workout gear and equipment! You can get an equally fulfilling workout in with using just your body weight or even household objects like a couch. You can refer to the videos to perfect your form and even adjust your difficulty level as you wish.

Seconds Pro Interval Timer

This app helps you to really plan out a workout routine that works for you and it ensures you stick to it too! You can use the straightforward platform to organise your exercises and routines and with time, can increase the intensity as and when you wish. The best part about an app like Seconds is that it is so organised and simple it makes for easy progress tracking.

12-Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts

If you don’t believe you can get a good sweat in in just a short amount of time, this app literally spells it out for you in their name! In 12 minutes, you will get to sweating with these rather rigorous HIIT workouts. It has an interval timer and that helps to keep track of your rest and exertion periods, which is very useful when you want to track your own fitness progress.

Of course, good workout wear is imperative whether you’re sweating it out at home or in a gym! Check out our article on seamless athleisure to really streamline your schedule and increase convenience!

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